Vision & Mission

VISION: "Intellect Shaping Dreams"
With the new dawn of economic and infrastructural awakening, we are heading towards the new horizon of fiscal attainment, where the demands in the emerging economy for expert managers and technicians are also evolving. So, to satiate this growing order of technical expertise we have designed our curriculum and infrastructure to meet the expectation of the market through our very well motivated and learned task force.

Today, with the growing economic liberalization, organizations have stakeholders around the world. Also, more countries are evolving into market economics making business operations both turbulent and complex. But, Vision Group is on the vocation of investing dreams to create leaders of tomorrow who would think and work both strategically and operationally, across national and cultural boundaries.

The Vision Group is committed in developing leaders capable of making business decisions in a complex global environment with utmost dedication in their service for their companies, society and humanity.

Our vision of education at the Vision Group is based on innovative learning methodologies, constant improvement, cultivation of practical skills and an unwavering commitment to academic quality. We have a curriculum which is enriching and challenging by its diversity, where students learn to relate and function in new ways. Here, we believe that education is an integrated process that is neither defined by rigid functional areas nor bound by norms of past behavior. We also believe that any and every education must relate to the real world functioning context and be able to contribute to and benefit from it. We want our students to understand in terms of whole systems rather than in mere fragments. We want them to acquire a holistic approach which, when coupled with inner intellect, will transform them into leaders with vision empowered with a deep sense of value and social responsibility.

The primary mission of the Vision Group is to create a cadre of professional work force who has acquired specialized skills, has learnt to consider problems from a board perspective and who have obtained heightened sense of moral and social responsibility that their future positions of leadership demand of them.

To achieve the set goals, we seek to enhance and instill certain professional missions through which our students can achieve the pinnacle of success. We characterize our mission in a way, where, a student views an organization in its totality and understands the position, environment and circumstance under which it operates. We seek to mature their technical and functional skills which collectively comprise professional competence in the tools and functions of business. Persuasion of analytical and integrative skill makes our students professionally qualified to handle, collect, collate and articulate accurate definition of a specified problem with utmost creativity. We ensure ethical leadership to enable them to interact transparently with a diverse range of colleagues and competitors and display ethical values in their leadership.



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